So you like what you see and want to start your training or perhaps you would like to take a further Step / Steps into the Domain, if you haven't already done so ,were you can See / Feel what's in their ? !! But You Can Only Take Back With You !! What you have experienced back to your own world you live in.

This One Goes Out To All ...No Offense To You. But Here's The Reason Why !! So Dont Waste Your Time Or Mine In Talking You Want This And That In Your Session......
Please note that if your Fantasy includes a third party, I am usually able to accommodate you but there will be a surcharge of between 50% and 100% depending on the nature of the Fantasy. Terms will be agreed by phone in advance and depoit required as useual if Ive not sessioned with you before and your tribute will be taken in full at the beginning of the session. And /Never / Not After

I am available for bookings.  Should you wish to apply for a session, you can contact me by the form below, telephone or email.

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